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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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  • My Favorite Videos= Toto Africa

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  • My favorite videos= Nickleback "If Everyone Cared"

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  • My favorite videos=Santana "Why Don't You and I"

  • Sunday, February 08, 2004

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    Keziah: Hey Ann--How are ya??? I am watching the Grammy's tonight. Janet was ask not to show up, but that weasel Justin is showing up. I can't stand him, he said he didn't know that was going to happen that it was a surprise to him. Please, he didn't look surprised to me. Besides, Janet said that 'we had planned it', 'we had planned it' was her and Justin.
    Really, he's spineless. Anyways, I'm watching Shania Twain on People in the News. Let me know if you post on her, I Love her!!!!

    Ann Stewart: Wow so Justin didn't admit to it or something...Hum...sounds strange...I think he should do what Janet did and ask forgiveness...

    Sindhu Kumar: I too love Shania. Justin's band mate from NSYNC, JC Chasez is going to appear on the pro-bowl half time show. it seems, that the NFL has asked him to make a few changes in the lyrics to one of the songs that he is singing and he has obliged, but there is another request that the NFL had asked, but this time, he promptly turned it down. Justin is really spineless, if he and Janet planned that super bowl stunt, he should be man enough to stand up and take responsibility for his actions.

    Keziah: Hi Sindhu,--I heard that about JC too. He said on Thursday he wasn't going to perform at the pro bowl. Yeah Justin said he was shocked, he said he didn't expect that to happen. I saw the clip on CNN yesterday, all that was missing were the tears. C'mon, the man didn't look shocked. It's messed up that Janet was asked not to show up and is taking all the backlash and Justin shows up at the Grammy Awards. He's so fake and insincere, he'll only apologize if Barbara Walters offers him a one hour exclusive interview on 20/20 where he can tell his torrid tale. If that happens, BW should make sure to get her $'s Worth, with the all the sobbing. Shania is AWESOME!!!!! Too bad she didn't perform at the Grammy's. Beyonce and Prince burned, they were hot! They tore up the stage, it was cool that they opened the show with such a high energy performance.
    The Beatles Tribute with Sting, Dave Mathews, Pharrell and Vince Gil was fun, the second part of the tribute sucked. It was great to Olivia Harrison and Ringo, Paul, but I was expecting like a Popurri of Beatles songs and some ancient clips, but none of that. The audience was kind of loud when Olivia Harrison was talking about George, which was rude, or maybe it was just the microphones acting up. Still, the Tribute could have been so much better, it was a crappy. I like Andre 3000's speech when he won, he just said, 'Thanks!' Short and Sweet, all the acceptance speeches should be limited to a minimum of words, cause some people go on for hours. Earth Wind and Fire is on with Outcast. I'm liking what I see and hear!

    Ann Stewart: I thought Justin apologized at the Grammy's tonight. Justin won a few awards at the Grammy's.

    Keziah: He said: "What occurred was unintentional, completely regrettable, and I apologize if you guys are offended," he said. That's not apologizing for what happened, that's just saying what he thinks people want to hear. It was not
    unintentional, it was pre planned. The result was unintentional; he thought it would be different. It doesn't even matter anymore, that whole thing is already a big pain.

    Ann Sterwart: I see what you mean Keziah...and I watched the Grammys tonight and I had forgotten that Robert Plamer had died. He was kind of young to die don't you think?
    On a lighter note.Did you see Richard Marx?..Does that man get better and better looking with age? He is so beautiful.He still looks as good as he did when he first came into the music biz..and Kenny Logins was there tonight and he looked fine too.Do these men ever age? They looked great.I do want to say I wasn't much into the new hip hop music, but they had a lot of great costumes. What do you think?

    Sindhu Kumar: Did you know that Richard Marx accepted the award on behalf of Luther Vandross whom he enjoys writing for. I love Richard Marx and have nearly all of his albums. His biggest hits weresatisfied, right here waiting. He also is producing country band Emerson drive's next record.

    Ann Stewart: Yeah I a big fan of Richard Marx and Luther Vandross...I have always loved Richard's music...Great voice...Good-looking man too.

  • Monday, February 02, 2004

  • Music Talk


    Sara: The Super Bowl Half Time Show sucked! Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's outfit to expose her breast! The whole Viacom organization should be fined like hell!

    Ann: They should have known better...It was national tv...Nudity is not allowed on National TV...The really weird thing about it is...that Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson will probably go up in record sales for this.

    Scarlet Termite: They already have, Annibelle my sweet. That whole thing was planned as a publicity stunt. And, unfortunately, it worked.

    Ann: Shouldn't Janet be in jail comforting Michael? Oh I'm sorry...I forgot he still walking around free.

  • Thursday, January 29, 2004

  • Music Talk


    Ann Stewart: Ok folks here is a hot new man...His name is Pat Monahan He is the lead singer of the band Train...They are Hot Hot Hot...I just saw Pat on CNN lately and he just looked so handsome I had to take his pictures and the band Train also has a official website where you can hear their new released music and read the bios of the band.

    Pat keeps a journal online where you can read almost everything he does every day...He just posted on Jan 28 so he must keep it up pretty regular...I love this bands music so I hope you check them out...They have got a great new song out called "Calling all you Angels." and if you remember the song "Drops of Jupiter" you will know how good of music this band puts out.


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    Iveta: Alright, my fav band are Pet Shop Boys, Modern Talking (anyone know or hear about this band?) also like Queen, Alcazar, e.t.c.

    Ann: Hey Iveta....I haven't heard of Modern Talking... Can you tell me about them?

    Sindhu: Modern talking is a German band that made songs like Brother Louie, Dr. For my Heart hugely successful in England and all over Europe. I am in fact listening to them on tape.

    Iveta: I glad see what here somebody know about Modern Talking. Because in last year autumn (October - I'm not shour) still second end this band. And now singer Thomas Anders again beck to solo and Dieter Bolhlen work in reclame (can see some times on Pro7) and with children. Your can see more info about MT in Official Site -

  • Thursday, January 22, 2004

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    DC: Does anyone really care all that much that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez split up?

    Ann: I always think it's silly when famous people only date famous people...I think they only do it to be more famous....They get press off it...that is why they do it...and what is really bad is people just talk about it all the time...I started a blog for this kind of silly stuff, not because I care about it...but because other people do.

    Laura in LA: Nah, I can care less about Ben and Jennifer.

    Ann: Maybe you don't Laura, but a lot of kiddies do.

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